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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Homemade Lemon Sugar Lip Scrub I Use and Hayden Panettiere Bronze Celebrity Video Tutorial

 I just want to share one of my quick recipes for lip and body scrub that I have been making at home. I have some that have chocolate, brown sugar, etc., but when my lips are in a super duper need for a scrub and my body is really needing to be exfoliated to feel really nice in the winter to absorb the lotion. Oh, I am also thinking about starting self tanning within the next week just to get a bit of a glow. However, I have noticed that my lips were getting dry for some reason after switching from the lip balm Carmex to the tube Carmex...I feel so goopy with the tube, but loving my Lime Balm, Strawberry Balm and I finally found the Vanilla Balm I misplaced. Mary Kay also has an amazing mask and balm for weekly treatments. I will talk about those at another time. Here is the link if you wish to check it out...I use it weekly. Check out the remainder of this post...I promise you will love it.

Mary Kay Weekly Mask Link and Balm I carry in my purse (no affiliation):

So, here is a very very fast way to exfoliate. No need for the lemon if you don't want it...sometimes I only use the sugar and the olive oil. It works just as well...the lemon is great for smell, but when in need just scrub those lips and those body parts for less money. I love great exfoliaters and have some amazing exfoliating products to show you, but it is such a bummer to buy what I think is going to really exfoliate me when it is just a body wash with a few tiny beads in there. Beautisol has a great facial exfoliation tube. Until I get back to work, I have been doing the following:

P.S. If you are interested in some of my other recipes just let me know. They are fun to make sometimes as I make them in small amounts for my lips and large amounts if I am going to use on my body. One includes coffee...not so fun, but it works well and makes a great exfoliation product for a self tanning starter. If you don't exfoliate self tanner will be a blotchy mess...lol.

O.K. Here it is and super easy.

For a small amount to just have enough for my lips I just "eye" the amounts:

  • Scoop out some of this amazing coconut oil...I used to travel to a Filipino store about an hour away to find mine. I was so happy to see that Coastal Scents and I have a secret DIY use where I use this for a dental use also...Coconut Oil is just amazing for everything. I love it for my body period and is a great base for my sugar scrub. I never measure. I just add the oil to the sugar after pouring the amount of sugar I want to use. For instance, is this for lips only this round or will I be taking it in the shower. Warning: Just rinse the shower with some hot water afterward so nobody slips in the shower when using oils. My Mom fell as a child when using Avon bath oil. I still love it, but it can be dangerous. Let me know how it goes for you. I am going to do a batch for my lips on camera and a batch for the body on camera. I have many recipes using different things, but this is the quickie version that works like a charm. I feel so soft afterward if I use it in the shower and my lips are so soft and ready for that matte lipstick.
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Have a great Wednesday,

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