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Thank you so much for making the effort to follow me from my former blog to this one. I had three years invested in my former blog, but it was hacked.

Update: As of 2/21/11 my YouTube channel was hacked and hundreds of videos removed with a hate video with slurs replaced. YouTube is working with me to have this removed. I do not understand how hackers cannot be tracked down and why Google/YouTube do not prosecute such people. I am sure there is a way of finding at least a percentage. Thousands of YouTubers are now getting hacked. Thank you all so much for not leaving me on YouTube and knowing I would never post such a message. I will continue to post videos and I believe that all videos will be restored. Thank you again. I could not continue doing this without your kind comments and support.

Regarding my blog, I look forward to when everyone can find me again and I get my pictures back up. I am not so great with HTML, but I am working on the beauty of the actual blog. I hope you will enjoy it and if you have any requests, please let me know. I also hope you find my youtube channel that is linked below in several places and hope you will subscribe. You are all the reasons I keep doing what I do as it takes a very long time to make videos and blog entries, while building your site. However, I love it as I hope it brings a little help to just one person. I learn from others each and every day. Thank you EVERYONE!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Homemade Lemon Sugar Lip Scrub I Use and Hayden Panettiere Bronze Celebrity Video Tutorial

 I just want to share one of my quick recipes for lip and body scrub that I have been making at home. I have some that have chocolate, brown sugar, etc., but when my lips are in a super duper need for a scrub and my body is really needing to be exfoliated to feel really nice in the winter to absorb the lotion. Oh, I am also thinking about starting self tanning within the next week just to get a bit of a glow. However, I have noticed that my lips were getting dry for some reason after switching from the lip balm Carmex to the tube Carmex...I feel so goopy with the tube, but loving my Lime Balm, Strawberry Balm and I finally found the Vanilla Balm I misplaced. Mary Kay also has an amazing mask and balm for weekly treatments. I will talk about those at another time. Here is the link if you wish to check it out...I use it weekly. Check out the remainder of this post...I promise you will love it.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fotd, Grapeseed Oil and Fave Eyeliner Video

Hi everyone. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope you will enjoy the face of the day even thought I tried to keep it plain so the focus could be on the testing of an eyeliner not mentioned in the video. I am working with it to give it a fair shot. That was my first day and it was a little sketchy, but just like mascaras something they need to be "broken in." I will keep you updated.

I hope you will enjoy the Face of the Day, How Grapeseed Oil Has DRASTICALLY helped my skin and I hope you will enjoy my favorite eyeliner video if you have not already seen it on YouTube. I know that they don't always appear in my blogs. It was requested that I make the intro's shorter and try the page break...so join my just beyond the jump! This is a test...let me know what you like:)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nicole Richie Inspired Face of the Day FOTD and Flipped Up Piece-Y Hairstyle Video on YouTube

Hi everyone. I hope you are all doing well! I am playing with a new video editing program as well as a picture program where I can show step my step tutorials, not only in videos, but here on my blog. This way, I can show you my look of the day if I don't have a chance to do an actual video on the look. I hope this will be enjoyed by all. Until I get the hang of it (which I think will be this week), I hope you enjoy this Nicole Richie inspired look. As mentioned in the video, my face is swollen due to some oral surgery, so I didn't get quite as smokey. However, I did use the center eyelid color wet and it worked out wonderfully. I hadn't used these shadows wet until today and it was gorgeous upon application. I wish the lighting were betting so you could see the "ice" on the eyes. 

Let me know what you think. I would love to hear your requests for videos and/or picture tutorials.

Products Used are Listed Below:

Mary Kay Primer with SPF of 15....no makeup settling into fine lines ($16.00)

Maybelline Fit Foundation ...not dewy yet not satin or matte...medium coverage and feels great
Purchased mine at Walgreens for approximately $7

Coastal Scents Brightening Concealer (listed under brightening products on website...has a peach undertone)
Varies in Price as there is a sale at Coastal Scents each day...I also love the concealer wheel. I ran out and need to refresh my concealer drawer.

Dalton Setting Powder...I love this has it has a beige tone, but goes on translucent and never settles into lines
I no longer see this on their website, but have been using their products for several years and been in love.

*****The final step at the end of my look is on the face so I will put it here, but I use it to brighten the under eye, sweep away any fall out and set the concealer...love it since I received a sample. It is somewhat lilac/pink, which brightens and awakens the face. I love the way it sets my foundation and really just polishes off any look. I have been addicted. It sells in 2 or 5 gm sizes. They have gorgeous colors. I have done many looks and reviews of her products including the lip pots used in my 20's look. I will be using them again as I continue to work with YouTube to restore the videos. This is a must have in my collection. By far, much better than the now discontinued, Benefit Setting Powder that was SO expensive. 
Here is the link to the swatches I posted a while back:
Link to tutorial where I used the lip pots in my 1920's Post War Era look:

Too Faced Shadow Primer (I bought mine through Too Faced during the sale)
Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Palette (see below for colors used)
Wet N Wild Single Eyeshadow in Brulee for Highlight and clean the edge (Walgreens)
Milani Liqui'f'eye in Brown Liner on Top Lid  (Walgreens)
Cattiva Black Waterproof Liner on Waterline...Has Amazing Precision! (LOVE THIS LINER)
Cattiva Black Mascara (worn twice...so far great volume and no flaking..woohoo)

Revlon Lipstick in Tenacious Taupe (it may be discontinued as I found it with a red sticker at $1.84 in Walgreens, but this is a perfect brown/nude very light taupe color...one of my top lipsticks ever. Total dupes to many high end nudes I have purchased in the past.)

Most Eyeshadow Colors Used from the Coastal Scents 252 Eyeshadow Palette...Look Inspired by Nicole Richie. I rarely where blue, aquas, navy, etc., but felt it was time I start playing with these colors. The last color I have marked was applied wet to give it an "icy" effect. I wish the light would have picked that up more, but it went on great. I didn't know how they would work well wet...just a bit of water or mixing medium (tiny bit needed) and I had enough to do both eyes by dampening the one brush. I hope you like it.


Tray 2 of 3 trays in the Ultimate Palette
  • Colors marked 1 & 1: Mixed both colors to put all over the lid to the crease
  • Color marked 2: Used in crease with a large blending brush to get a light blown in blending color
  • Color marked 3: Outer corner gently worked into outer defined crease
  • Color marked 4: Small brush wet lightly and it made a gorgeous paste of icy blue to the center of the lid only. I dotted it right in center of the color I created with the new colors marked 1. 
  • Colors 1 & 1: used on lower lash line with Color 3: on outer lower lash line

I look forward to getting the hang of the step by step pics for the blog and I hope the pictures of the colors will help. I cannot put this palette down. I am thinking about getting the new blush palette and the liquid black soap as the bar soap is what really cleared my skin. I look forward to talking to you guys again. I hope you enjoy the hair video and future blog posts. Have an amazing day!


**Some items may have been provided for consideration by PR. See disclosure policy for further information. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Face of the Day and Drugstore Haul w/ Dupes

Hi everyone. On Saturday we had electricity restored after losing it very early (middle of the night Tuesday really) and even though we had the generosity of a generator from my father, the cost of gas is very very expensive. We were getting close to the cost of an electric bill just by the amount of gas we needed to use to huddle in one room for several nights. Earl is very happy to have the larger sofa back to himself...lol. However, I do want to send my thoughts and prayers out there to everyone going through power outages and this outrageous weather that has been going on for many months. I feel horrible for those in the northeast that continue to endure storm after storm. 

Anyway, thank you all for signing up for email updates and/or Google updates. I hope you guys are proud of me for finding inspiration to write on this blog more often since my blog of four years was hacked last April. I keep wondering ...what in the world have I done? However, I would never wish this on anyone. I am just very motivated to get more posts and videos up on the channel and blog. 

I had to finally wear some makeup yesterday and hope you enjoy this look.  It is a bit warmer and different for me as I tend to go cooler, but I have found that I am really enjoying playing with all of the colors in the Coastal Scents 252 palette

Lomahill Blemish Balm w/ a touch of Coastal Scents HD Foundation for cheek coverage
 Dalton Loose Powder used prior to applying contour to make the contour go on smoothly
Coastal Scents Silhouette Palette for Contour and Highlight
*I find that I keep these out every day as I am going to need them when doing my face in addition to the BB cream from The Born Beauty Store. I put a discount code in my last post*
Touch of Cantaloupe Blush from MAC
Coastal Scents Brightening Concealer (it is listed under makeup and highlighters on the website)

Urban Decay Primer Potion w/ a sweep of the matte highlighter in the Silhouette Palette to allow for easy blending...
Several colors from the 252 Coastal Scents Ultimate Palette...I hope it works that I try to copy and past the colors I used.
Cattiva Cosmetics Precison Black Eyeliner that is AMAZING FOR thin lining and tightlining...waterproof
Mary Kay Lengthening Mascara mixed with Cattiva  Divine Mascara for length and volume

 Color Details or Written Tutorial for Look Shown ( I want to start showing step by step pics for you)
  1.   (Color noted as 1)  inner half to center of lid;
  2.   (Colors noted as 2 and 3) blended on the outer half;
  3.   (Color noted as 4) Crease Color blended upward toward the brow to get a lifted outer corner;
  4.   (Color noted 5) applied to  extreme outer corner or "v" blended into the crease color;
  5.   (Colors noted 3 and 4) under the lower lash line after using the Cattiva on the waterline
  6.   (Colors noted 6 and 7) are used as a blended highlight w/ a slight shimmer and satin color. 
  7.   I also used Blanc from Wet n Wild to clean up the outer edges and add some matte to the outer highlight. 
I made a big mistake and wanted to use the Carmex in the tube, but it is very "juicy" and I had been used to the lip balm in Strawberry that is not so "wet like" or "shiny." So, I tried to dab it off a bit, but it still took over my fave red right now that I was showing in the haul. 
  1. Jordana Lip Liner / Sedona Red: A super red lip liner that is true red in retractable pkg $1.99
  2.  Wet N Wild Matte Long Wear Lip Color in Stoplight Red...without that Carmex on the lips it does not get on the teeth. Mine was just a whim and I had no idea the Carmex in the tube was such a slip n slide. I think I prefer the lip balm just for my needs. 

 My monogrammed rings (some I have really scratched) are from The Silver Goose. My Mom and I found then sometime between 2004-2006 and they have been amazing gifts and a few bought for myself. VERY nice jewelry at great prices. They have nice delicate pieces or chunky pieces.

The bracelets are expandable with the cute details such as the sideway cross, a flower and a cluster of rhinestones. They came as a set of three . The earrings are matching and very casual enough for a fitted hoodie, semi dress blouse w/ tank under would be cute, etc. Great jewelry for those like me that love to wear it but when I am not working I love to have something for jeans and business casual. This is the link to Nicki's Facebook page. She is a great friend and her rates are so reasonable for such great pieces. I am always asked abut the turquoise colored ring I have and these are all made by Nicki. She does great work and prices them so we can all afford them. She is a photographer, but she loves to make jewelry also. She can do anything and has the cutest hair cut! Her facebook page is:

 Have a great day...see you soon!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Face of the Day after No Electricity for Four Days Due to Snow...Finally:).

Hi everyone. I thought I would share my eye of the day or face of the day with you. I haven't been able to wear cosmetics since Monday. We had a snowstorm that was pretty bad Tuesday and into Wednesday, but it took several days...yes, from Tuesday to Saturday with one shower. Thank heaven for the showers in a bag that were provided to us when Gary came home from the hospital and Cibu Dry Shampoo. I have the most oily hair that it is really annoying. I told Gary to look at my hair yesterday and he said that it wasn't oily. I showed him the bottle of Cibu Dry Shampoo and he made me happy. He actually said "you found one you like...not the bubble gum colored bottle." LOL. I had been using Batiste as the best I have been able to find. However, it was never completely dry for me. There was still a bit of "wet' falling onto the hair, but with the Cibu Dry Shampoo so little is needed and it also adds texture on days when you don't want to have to have a two day hair for many of the updo's that are required. I know it is would be so nice for young women and all of us to be able to wash our hair whenever we like and not need to worry about having dirty hair for a look to work. For instance, I deep condition my hair the same day I do that crazy rockeresque look with my hair...lol:) It I just add texture and will be doing more of those videos...at least one hair video per week if you would like:)
Anyway, just thought I would share with you my face of the day. The pic I took of my face is so blurry, but I didn't realize it until it was uploaded. Now, I sit here with a freshly washed face. I wanted to go for a dewy-ish look. I have gotten your requests to review what I have been told is comparable to the dewy one that everyone loves from Chanel.I love offering duplicates as much as possible since having someone near to me that works within a cosmetic/ fragrance lab. She can, but doesn't say what is what. She just gently steers me toward something like well, you said you wanted _______ so try out _______ and I will be bringing out some of those to you. Some are not exact, but definitely noteworthy in her opinion. Many differences are the packaging and the marketing. 

I just want to help as much as possible and bring some great dupes your way. However, I haven't been able to find dupes for Motives products. They are beautiful, soft, creamy and the blushes are just amazing in color. Very little goes a long way. So, props to Motives and to Senna as I haven't been able to find dupes for those companies at all!

Concealer: Used the concealer that is peachy colored on the end of the Pixi 3 in 1
Palladio Pressed Foundation Powder to set...I am addicted to this and the Manic Panic one.


Mary Kay Beach Blonde Cream Eyeshadow primer & base. Perfect for a frosty lid...long wearing alone also.
Motives Heiress is the gorgeous icy pink
Motives Plum Frost just outside the icy pink and fading under the matte plum from the Coastal Scents 252 Palette for the darker matte plum color. I used several shadows to get that outer eye look. I would be happy to do a tutorial. This is what I love about this palette. You can play with the shadows, mix and match to get it just the way you like it. I also used a semi sheer, satin finish light pink highlight since I had so much frost on the lid. That is a gorgeous pink. The Mary Kay Beach Blonde cream eyeshadow was used as the base and primer. I also use it alone with a bit of matte brown in the crease on easy breezy days.It really makes it pop as I used that as my base. No primer needed as I was staying home and they lasted all day. There are several colors now.
Coastal Scents Black Gel Liner (perfect dupe for Lorac...I bought it and returned it as it is in my humble opinion the same product, even packaging.
Revlon Blackberry Colorstay Eyeliner on lower lid set and smoked out with MAC Cranberry Shadow
Mary Kay Lengthening Mascara in Black (I am having to try new ones for everyone, but I am so attached to this...It never runs, comes off with a makeup cloth, just a great product that has lasted longer than three months, but I suppose I should get rid of it. Tempted to keep it one more month.

Just some Carmex since I am home, but wanted to do my eyes and cheeks desperately:) I found mine in Strawberry for $1.99. I used to buy the stick as Strawberry couldn't be found in the squeeze tube. I know Cherry is popular, but It reminds me of the cherry cough syrup I used to get as a kid :)

See you all soon (so thankful for electricity),

Monday, March 4, 2013

Face of the Day from February Favorites Vdieo

 Hi everyone. I hope you are well. Thank you so much for visiting my blog if it is your first time. I am learning bit by bit on how to create a blog as my last one was created by someone. I am not great with HTML, but I will continue to work on it. I hope you will follow via Google or email as I will be having special blog only giveaways that may be small, medium or larger...they could me a couple of my favorite items or a sponsored giveaway. I look forward to doing those for blog followers also. They won't be announced on the channel, so I promise to make at least two postings per week. You have inspired me to write and let the past bad luck go.

I will miss my vlogs of when Gary had his stroke and I hope to get them back to look back at your comments , so you can refer back. If not, I will be recreating more and many of the videos are honestly not even relevant as the items are no longer sold. I was constantly removing videos when I would be told something was no longer be sold at Clinique, MAC, Estee, drugstore, etc. I had a true genuine "ahh haaa" moment of realizing those things are so important. I saw a father of a precious child from the Sandy Hook shooting victim crying as it was the birthday of his deceased child. Yes, I would love to have the 250 + videos back, but I am no longer going to cry or grieve over this as I saw what is truly important. I will continue to make videos in all varieties including requests, but will be hoping YouTube can restore the videos. Either way, I have the attitude that my channel and this blog will be full again. I hope you are here with me as I really appreciate everyone that follows my channel and/or my blog. 

On days I do not do makeup tutorials, I will be practicing using a program to show step by step tutorials here on my blog. I think that will be fun also! If you have ideas for photo programs and editing programs that are great for videos, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. I love the video programs that allow you to pick your background as I know some may get tired of my black background. If you know what program that may be, please let me know. Feel free to comment below or on my video:)

Here is the Face of the Day (FOTD)  from my February Favorites 2013 video. I had a few lip products that will follow over into a favorite lip products as I didn't want the video to get too long. I hope you will enjoy it if you haven't seen it on YouTube. There are many more favorite I want to share, but wanted to do want with items under $25.

  • Loreal Visalift (just a few dots on freckle area as mentioned in video...great BB cream coverage...I found mine at Walmart for a few dollars less than the other stores that particular week.
  • Coastal Scents Bright Eyed...I have to do a review on this. I just discovered it in my drawer and was like "where have you been"...lol  (listed under Makeup, Eyes, Brightener not in concealers) 
  • Coastal Scents Lightest Pink from Silhouette Palette (if you saw this review before I was hacked, you will know why I love it. If the videos are not able to be restored I promise to bring it back to show other ways to use it also)...so versatile
  • Contouring also by Silhouette Palette...three highlighters, three blushes, three shades of contour for everyone. I mix and match. I hope the vids are restored so you can see the "fake nose job and cheek implant video I did using this palette"
  • Senna Highlight that has been discontinued, but they have many items on sale right now for amazing prices. My liquid highlighter was discontinued, but the powder highlighters are just amazing. I hope to get one they are carrying at this time.
  • Model in a Bottle to set the look and the eyebrows with the face spray and the eyebrow sealer. I have many sealers and I will do a video to show which ones I like for a certain occasion.

  • Maybelline Tattoo 24 hour eyeshadow in the bronze shade as the base.
  • The remainder are a group of gorgeous greens, golds, and matte contouring colors from the 252 palette. I can remember the shades if you are interested. Just let me know. 
  • Highlight: Wet N Wild Brulee and along the edges to clean up
  • Eyeliner: Brown (brown eyeliner from Mary Kay that was Limited Edition with a second end with a bronze base, but their regular brown, black, etc. liners are great. I used the bronze along the bottom lashline then went over it with some green mixes. The Mk Liners are great. I have really grown to love bronze as it makes my eyes pop. Lisa would be happy to help anyone that may be trying to put a look together or have questions about foundation colors...I cannot get enough of this brand. I am not affiliated with MK or LIsa, but met her online and found she has so many items in stock and can ship so quickly. You know we ladies like to get our products ASAP:) Here is the link to the products online. They are so reasonable and I find that they are only a couple of dollars more than drugstore products, but the quality is so outstanding. It is no longer our grandmother's Mary Kay! 
  • http://www.marykay.com/lisa4beauty5021/en-US/_layouts/MaryKayCoreCatalog/CategoryPage.aspx?dsNav=N:10020
  • Second eyeliner along the lashline and small "flick": Jordana felt tip pen from Walgreens. It is AMAZING. I like it just as well as the Penultimate from MAC and this is only $1.99. I will show you more with the pen. I just found the black again as it was sold out in my area for a while. I missed it so much. 
  • Mascara: Mary Kay Lash Lengthening Mascara...oh, how do I leave thee to test others:)
  • Mary Kay Mascara Primer: I like this one as it is clear, not white. 
  • Mary Kay Blonde Brow Pencil .... the one that is wooden:)

  • Started look before anything with Bath and Body works Clear Glass Lip Plumper just to help fill out lines and get a mild plumping. I really like this alone or to start a look so by the time it wears off I am ready to apply my lip colors of the day with plumped lips. 
  • Maybelline Color Sensational in Tenatious Taupe...I found this for $1.87 at Walgreens in a lipstick section of bronzes, taupes and browns. This was the only Tenacious Taupe and almost think it may have been an error as I hear it is so popular. I don't know. I just had to grab it. 
  • Mary Kay Gold Rush Lip Gloss for a pretty nude pout with minimal shimmer. Recently discontinued, but I recommend Beach Bronze or Cream and Sugar. I put the link directly to the glosses. 
  • I didn't use a liner...
 I hope you like the look!

Crazy hair inspired by Pink, Rihanna, Miley and just lovin' this trend! SO fun for the right time:)

Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to next time!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tutorial: Era Series Requested. 1920's Vintage Tutorial For The New Working Woman Post War


I hope you enjoy or will enjoy the tutorial for the 1920's Professional Woman of the Post_War Era. There is quite a difference between the 20's flapper and that of the housewife with a makeover or that woman going out into the working world. The eyeshadow would be more colorful and go up to the brows. No frost came along until the 60's , so everything was matte. I have you like the video as I tried to put some cool details in there, but not too much. There is so much to tell about that day and age. 

Products Used and Silly Hidden Giveaway Info with the Video...I hope you have fun with it.

Products used:
  • Coastal Scents Expresso Lip Liner (not sure if all are still available, but I have found this to be the BEST liners I have and definitely compare to my MAC. They are not so soft, but not dry at all. I use them to outline then fill in for all day wear. I use these 95% of my makeup wearing days. http://www.coastalscents.com/?acc=eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3
  • Wet N Wild Cherry Bomb Lipstick: (More of these to show you for dupe video $1.99)
  • Fusion of Beauty Matte Lipstick (love it's in the magnetic pan) in Enchanted...great brown to mix with the Oxblood or burgundy color
    (I have shown her eye shadows, blushes and under eye concealers before...she also sells these great lipsticks and glosses within the pan.) www.fusionofcolor.net 
Here is my other blog posting for Fusion Minerals.
 I made several videos using the products and had some within my favorites of the month (the under eye powder that is somewhat lilac and wakes you up is amazing as well as the lip colors and texture of the shadows). I truly hope YouTube can restore my videos after being hacked, but if not, those videos have already been seen and I just need to look toward the future and keep making videos. My amazing subscribers haven't gone anywhere.

 I hope to be able to try the Aura Powder and my interest in actual mineral foundation has truly peaked. I definitely will be doing a video soon as many struggle with the application of minerals. I did too, but purchased a palette (now I love the one at Coastal Scents with several wells for many products. You can use it to mix your pigment with water and glycerin in some wells and your foundations in the others. I have purchased some expensive ones before. This one is plastic and is so easy to clean.
Great to put into those ELF $1 Palettes or if you have large palettes they will work also. Great for the Z palette I want so badly! I just need a massive one, so at this time I cannot afford to grab it. I will one day:)

I hope someone guesses that ridiculously silly giveaway. Think out of the box, a quirky gag gift that you would normally use on the body...the first person to guess will win something from my giveaway baggie:) Hint: think supposed to be sexy, but so not and that is why it is a gag gift. Something to make others laugh, but it was perfect to make this 20's style accessory with the faux fur. Look at the shape:)

I hope you enjoy this video! It is great for costume parties, halloween and just the ability to do a 20's look on a family member during those fun times, for professionals (again, I have learned more through practice, studying online and on YouTube with professional makeup artists than paying a lot of money several years ago for the classes. I do my own seminars from time to time, but it is just a minimal amount of money for a two hour seminar. I have paid $250-$350 before, wheras I have only charged $75. However, I am local and I do come with my own products and pick a model. They are not in a huge space that I am sure is expensive to acquire. If I had to travel, I am sure the price would have to go up, so I need to take that into consideration for those other classes. 

I noticed several pics where this look what popular for pictures. The flapper is different and much more extravagant even though this is really dark eyeshadow and super dark lips. The video shows the darkness much better. However, I love the history of how it all became. Women were now cutting their hair, wearing thigh highs with bows, camisoles, mary jane heels and these were considered to be mens magazine pictures, but not even cleavage was showing. I found it so interesting over my years of studying the Vintage eras from the 20's through the 90's. I will do them all with many other requests in between. I hope you like them.
I note the exact colors used in the video also. The Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Palette is my go to palette when I want it all to be right in front of me. I LOVE this palette as well as so many of the others. You have a mix of mattes, satin, shimmer, glitter, etc. 


 I have had so many requests to start doing tutorials on this channel again. I am definitely going to be doing all of what I did prior, more reviews, more tutorials and tags. I am going to pretend as though it is part of my job and make at least three videos per week. Hopefully more until I get some built up for you to enjoy. I also get so many requests for hair tutorials and I love doing them. We will have fun no matter if my videos get restored or they do not. I appreciate you all that hare hanging in there with me.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the housewives, actresses, professionals, etc. I talk about the details of the brows, makeup and history within my YouTube video that I am linking below. If you are receiving this video email, sometimes the video is not shown, but if you click on the title it will take you to my video where the video can be clicked on or you may use the link to my channel. Now onto these gorgeous ladies...


Here are some of my favorite pictures that gave me great inspiration. It is hard at times as they are in black and white or rather almost brown and white in the 1920's. I have learned so much about the 1920's from my grandmother as she was a child and she remembers her mother being a true spitfire. The times were different and yes, her mother was out having drinks, enjoying her new life as a woman post war and the children were at home. Things that are no longer acceptable were done at one time. I would never imagine leaving my kids at home now with the eldest babysitting at nine. However, I suppose there was less to "get into" as my grandmother would say:)

 These pictures are not of the flapper, but of the professional woman wanting to work in the home or outside of the home. They wanted to feel sexy and be daring rather than just a woman that cooks and cleans, waits for the husband to come home from war, dare not wear makeup or cut their hair. Wow, all of that change post-war. Check out a few of the hairstyles and fashions. I remember seeing pictures of my grandmother standing in front of her mother being dressed in some of these fashions. Wow, time has changed, but I must say that the makeup tutorial I did was not one that I would want to wear each day. Those lips were not my "cup of tea." LOL

Pictures courtesy of Google Images: 

Goodbye Pre-War Woman with no right to wear makeup or cut their hair (nicknamed the GIbson girls as they were in so much artwork) :

No doubt they were all pretty ladies, but I am so happy they were finally able to just be themselves.

Eye with Dark Shadows and Thin Brows,  Overdrawn Lip and Half Moon Top and Bottom Nail "face charts" of that time (flapper tutorial will be much more dramatic although this was pretty dark in my opinion as I had a hard time like the lip...the flappers really made this lip work):

  Do you have a favorite picture? I love the blonde near the bottom as her makeup is done so well. It looks really beautiful without such "pursed" lips. I also love the picture that looks like artwork and the ladies on the beach.

 Have an amazing week,